Eleesa Howard

Eleesa Howard is a multidisciplinary artist based on Bunurong Country, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Her practice includes a range of media: collage, painting, assemblage, printmaking, sculpture and textiles. By responding to the materials, she reflects and explores themes of fragility, nostalgia, and the intricacies of everyday life.

Weaving personal stories drawn from childhood memories, motherhood, and the wider community, Eleesa’s work serves as a narrative tapestry of the human connection and resilience.

Eleesa embraces the imperfections and beauty found in everyday materials, such as recycled cardboard, threads, paper, often using what she has around her. By giving new life to often discarded items, she gives her work a sense of renewal and inclusivity, reflecting on the inherent value of each individual.

Eleesa’s solo exhibitions, have offered viewers an intimate glimpse into her world, inviting them to find their own reflections within her emotive work. Through her art practice, she fosters connections and meaningful conversations, using empathy and understanding in the shared human experience.

Available Works

Small Circles
Assemblage – Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Staples, Paper & Cardboard, Mounted on Board and Framed behind glass.
63cm x 112cm
Soft Embrace
Assemblage – Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Paper and Cardboard, Mounted on Board and Framed behind glass.
55cm x 74cm
Collage – Acrylic Paint and recycled cardboard mounted on board, framed behind glass.
29cm x 48cm
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